November 28, 2009

Oh Yeah Baby!

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Hopefully everyone has had the chance to experience the Abyss by now, and if not, well, you are in for a treat.

The first thing I learned in the Abyss when leaving Primum was that there are floating rings one can fly through and receive a short +flight speed buff for 3 seconds, and second, it gives you +7 flight time each time you go through. Tasty rings.

While recharging my wings, I initially went through with w and s, forward back. I graduated to looking sideways and strafing back and forth through it, to eventually, lag permitting, just bouncing off the glow where it activates for an even faster charge up.

While I was still in my forward-backwards phase, I realized that this looked quite dirty, humping the rings as I was. Then when I started strafing through it, it clicked.

I was pumping in and out of a female condom. unF unF!

Click the below images to get bigger pictures if you so desire.

Rings: Photobucket

Female Condom: Photobucket

After a fine fit of humping, if only I smoked: Photobucket

Not only that, but to add injury to the insult, meteors really love the rings. Meteors, as I’m sure most have painfully found out, are not just aesthetically pleasing. Oh no, they burn. A lot. Instant death burn.

Pretty meteor: Photobucket

The burn: Photobucket

Have you managed to avoid death by meteor? If so, have any tips? No matter how much I watch the core, pesky meteors still annihilate me the minute I turn my camera around.


October 23, 2009

Drakie Death Squad

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By now I’m sure some of you are in the level 30 area and hopefully have had an Abyss fortress. If you don’t want to spoil your first experience in one of those fortress instances, I suggest you change the channel, err page.

67 mobs sure does not sound like a lot when you get that quest to clear out the Right Wing (insert whatever number for the other two fortresses). Then you get in there. And perhaps the first night it is not so bad. Perhaps.

By the second or third or even fourth night, you’ve had it up to your eyeballs in glorified Abyss grinding. Yes, it’s safe from evil Elyos attacks. Yes, it’s essentially free AP. Yes the experience and kinah are good. But it’s SO monotonous.

The first 15 minutes might be somewhat fun, but once that timer runs out and chests go Poof! you’re left with, plus or minus, 35 mobs that still need killing.

But, did you know? Those Pesky Drakies that hit for 1 damage are possessed! If they land a critical hit on you/your party member/your healer basically, they hit for 3,000 damage. Check your HP. Be prepared to set up a Drakie Death Squad to deal with those Pesky Drakies or your healer(s) will die!

Trust me, your healers will love you for not letting them eat a Soul Heal bill.

Were you planning on informing your groups? Legion? Did you fall for it?

Trust me, it’s an excellent way to pass the time, you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing so hard you’ll cry. Especially if you’re on vent with someone who believes that they really are saving you.

“Watch out! Drakie incoming behind you!” *they leave mob alone and run full speed for the killer drakie*


>.< My screenshots for this are on a computer in another country. Dang it. Was a flock of drakies chasing me hehe. 😉 I’ll work on getting a new one next fortress run.

Found some screencaps, click to see normal size in new window 😉
Oh noes, the drakies are after us!!

Yay, a brave sin to save me!

And another member of the Drakie Death Squad to assist the sin 🙂