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Quirky Quiescence was the brain child of Fedoldinn and myself while bored on IRC. We were playing WoW at the time and both following a wide range of blogs, but realized none of them ranted quite like us, and thought it would be amusing to get our thoughts out there for anyone to read if they were so inclined. However, the more we brainstormed and thought about it, we realized WoW really was the root of the problem, it just wasn’t that fun for us anymore.

Enter Aion.

A friend of Middea’s hooked her up with a key to the closed betas of Aion. After logging in for CB3, Middea was hooked and made Fedoldinn give it a spin. It was fun to level! And we both hate questing, Fedoldinn more so… And he was having fun! There was a point to the grind, and it wasn’t just a means to an end. Wow! So here we are, a really random blog. We’re not sure if it’s going to be rant slanted or what yet, but we both like theorycrafting and playing to the best of our abilities.

We both enjoy the social aspects of the game and a sense of community is our first and foremost requirement. We want to make a bunch of friends and have fun with any new friends we make. We also enjoy pushing for hardcore status. It is important to balance our levels of fun and competitiveness, though not necessarily the easiest thing as we are both quite stubborn.

We will be playing on a North American server (Lumiel) as Asmodians.

What you can expect to read about on Quirky Quiescence:

About Fedoldinn

I started out my gaming career with console games, beginning with the NES and moving through various others until I eventually discovered the world of PC gaming. I initially played mainly role playing and real time strategy games, including Diablo, Diablo II, Starcraft and the Warcraft series. For the most part I played the single player campaigns, only playing online every now and then with a few friends. When I got my copy of Half-Life and checked out some of the available mods for it all of this changed and I began to venture into the world of online gaming.

My first introduction to MMOs was, quite naturally, World of Warcraft. I played a night elf druid for roughy three years with a focus on the end game raid content. I began raiding in MC, and because of this I started out as a healer. Early on I found that I really enjoyed healing and feeling like an important part of the team on a nightly basis. Eventually, after healing for a few years, leading the healers with assignments nightly, and helping out as part of the guild management for healing strategies, I began to suffer some burnout and it became time for a change. I switched to raiding as balance. At first I missed healing quite a bit. I struggled raiding as a moonkin because I was not used to a dps role, but I stuck with it and eventually found that I enjoyed it and the new challenges it brought to the game. I don’t enjoy leveling or questing and because of this I only ever had one real alt in WoW which was a max level death knight.

When Middea first introduced me to Aion, the one thing I couldn’t believe was how much I actually enjoyed the early game content. The quests, the story and the leveling process were all new, but most importantly they were all quite fun. I played a sorcerer in the beta and plan on playing one when the game is released. Aside from being hardcore and playing to the best of my abilities with like minded individuals, what I like the most about MMOs and online gaming is a sense of community and getting to know the other people you play with regularly.

About Middea

I started gaming on old school Nintendo, and it’s probably still my favorite console. I can live without all the buttons on current controllers, and PC trumps consoles everyday of the week in my book. The first multiplayer game I experienced on a computer was Day of Defeat, but the one that hooked me was Natural Selection. I am not a fan of the front lines in combat and being a gorge in NS was love. Being able to be the backbone of the team without having to fail at aiming, win win situation for me.

For a bit of my history… In WoW, I played a dwarf priest from days of Molten Core to quitting during Ulduar 25. Go go fear ward and pigtails. Started out healing and I loved it. Saving the raid and working with a team to be the unsung heroes, even if it meant not being able to solo without a separate set of +spell damage gear which was hard to come by with all the competition, it was what I enjoyed. I have many alts for times when I wanted to melt faces, max level mage, warlock, shaman, hunter, and death knight.

In Aion, I plan on playing a cleric. It appears to be very different from WoW healing and I love that. No I can’t build defense chambers like in NS, but it doesn’t seem to be stand and spam or stare at my ticker for 5 second rule play times. We’ll see! And as a priest, I was always jealous of battle rez, and now I get one! 🙂 I’ve played an assassin and spiritmaster in beta as well, and it does seem like each role is well developed and fun to play!  I prefer grouping though, even to grind on elites. Solo questing on my cleric sucks already, but that has more to do with me liking to play with others than the soloing itself.

Fedoldinn and Middea

Fedoldinn and Middea

We can be reached at quirkyquiescence@gmail.com

From our WoW days, RIP Mental Atrophy:
Fedoldinn & Middea Boomkin and Kneecap Melter
Fedoldinn and Middea

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