October 30, 2009

Mind if I Have Your Tasty Fortresses?

Posted in Aion, fortress, Rant at 5:27 pm by Middea

Rather than taking over the comments section over at Flying Bishounen on the post about 1.5.1 incoming patch details, going to make a new post.

Fortress sieges at the present moment are definitely zergs. What makes them zergs? Well, if you break it down, a zerg is a large force that overwhelms whatever they are attacking by way of large numbers rather than strategy and/or gear. A zerg does not require skill, just a massive force that cannot be turned away.

Currently in the patch notes:

You now receive contribution decorations as reward for successfully defending a fortress under the control of your Legion.

This is different than live. On live, you receive nothing from defending a fortress from enemy capture. Or, do you? My argument is that you do receive something from defending. Owning a fortress gives all players of that faction access to the dungeon.

This is important to remember because access to the fortresses gives ALL members of the faction that owns it access to the dungeon inside. The fortress dungeons give access to AP without the opposing faction’s interference. You can get medals, icons, seals, crowns, etc from the chests which are worth even more AP upon turn in. More on the fortress amenities can be found on the Powerwiki.

Currently on Lumiel’s Asmodian side, small legions and pugs coordinate with each other and some of the bigger legions in /joinchannel fortress to defend and attack fortresses. We band together to form a zerg and most times we are successful in what we’re attacking/defending/preventing Elyos from gaining.

It is however, notably harder to muster forces to defend fortresses. A few legions that actually capture the fortresses do not appear to even bother showing up to defend their own fortresses at all. Why not? It’s not as profitable for them, they get no medals for defending, so why spend the kinah to keep it out of the opposing factions hands?


Keeping the easy AP from the opposing faction is worth defending in my humble opinion. Not bothering to even show up to support that while you have almost all members on? But showing up en mass to regain it? Even just picking off stragglers or something would help the puggers/smaller legions that are defending it for their chance at medals/icons/easyish AP.

A zerg does require participation and attendance to work. If this part of the patch goes through, I don’t see the pugs/smaller legions working together to defend a fortress for a legion that never bothered to help them get easier AP/exp early on via the fortress dungeons.

I personally wouldn’t want to help a legion that right now likes to win trade the lower abyss fortresses. Yes, you don’t get anything by way of medals for defending at the moment, but you do help your entire level 30+ faction by allowing access to the fortress dungeons.

I don’t know that the patch changes for rewarding the owning faction are necessary but I bet that the rewards will help encourage the owners to show up and help defend.

What are your thoughts on fortresses/ownership?

  • Would you help defend for a legion that participates currently in win trading?
  • Do you participate in fortress defense?
  • Are you part of a larger legion that captures fortresses but doesn’t defend them?
  • Do you see the value in owning a fortress and what all it provides in terms of access/options for your entire faction?


  1. Zot said,

    The fort instances, while somewhat novel, get really old. Someone might go in and come out with 2000 AP but the RNG behaviour of drops doesn’t guarantee everyone will get rewarded. There’s a very good chance you’ll enter with 0 AP and exit with only 100 or so from the mobs. I don’t bother these days unless someone asks me to come.

    Defending a fort gives you access to these instances, it’s true. But even on a successful defense you’ve lost something much more valuable: the ability to farm the fortresses’ guards. These non-elite level 40 guards, if solo’d, award stacks of stigma shards and over 60 AP each. It’s very easy to get a duo together and farm them, granting much more AP than the instances as well as that rewarding open-PvP aspect… you will have member of the other faction try their hand at you 🙂

    Of course, the chance of successful defense is slim. You either need to rally the legions (asmos on nezekan are great at this, but then they only need to bring two legions: neph and tog, whom can each field 3 alliances) or just get slaughtered by the zerg, losing AP with each death. The alternative? Just let the asmos have it. This of course gives access to guard farming but it also opens a new door:

    Fort assault! 1-2k AP and invaluable silver/gold medals. The rewards from the “trading” option thus take the cake. The Nezekan asmo legions have finally realised this and just let their forts get taken last night… I gained 3 silver and 2 gold medals as well as 3k AP for the half hour’s effort.

    Will this upcoming patch help? No. Medals will be sent to the occupying legion on successful defense. In an ideal setting, that legion could then share the love to legions who pledge themselves to defend the fortress… but they can’t get given out to pugs. Thus, at best, defending a fort will come down to faction one’s legions and pugs vs. faction two’s legions… automatically outzerged already. In the real world it’ll also be difficult to get defenders. All legions will want to attack by default, while you would have to bring legions into the defensive fold manually.

    The alternative there of course, is to create a multi-legion legion. 😛

  2. Middea said,

    What’s even better than farming guards? Farming players that are farming guards 🙂 Much more AP and tons of fun!

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