October 29, 2009

Status Update

Posted in Aion tagged , , at 4:09 am by Middea

Still working on the moving. Lots of things to be done and really not much time to do them sadly. Well, technically have the time, just Aion is so darn tempting to play.

Aether gathering right now allows me some down time while recharging flight timer and so have been updating the links to point to this blog instead of at WordPress.

Noticed that quite a few of our Aion blog links just really are dead, either from people quitting or just completely missing in action. So, have an Aion blog you would like to have linked on our sidebar? Feel free to leave it as a comment or email it to us at quirkyquiescence@gmail.com

Have been slacking on new screenshots (continue submitting any you want to see in a jigsaw format!) for our puzzles, so brief hiatus for new ones.

What level is everyone up to? Doing any crafting? Abyss rank?
I’m up to 38 on my cleric. Stuck on the Asvata bow part of the Handicrafting expert quest, premium weapon flux just cost too much.

Currently rank 5, but I did buy a nice blue necklace because being level 28 and rank 5 wasn’t working too well for me back in the day and I really didn’t want the big SHOOT ME FIRST rank 5 tag on my head. Bad enough I’m a cleric.

Have been grinding Mist Mane Mau Hairs for the speedy boots and sneaking into the Abyss for hunting when I can find a partner in crime.

-Shameless plug warning- Also have been trying to recruit folks for our community driven legion <Natural Selection> on Lumiel. Recruiting is a nightmare, everyone has a legion already it seems. Oh well, quality over quantity is the motto.

Enough random ramblings for now, must go back to gathering that aether and beating the bots to spawns.

If you aren’t on blogroll, feel free to leave link in comments.
Also, keep submitting screenshots.
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  1. Theladas said,

    The blogging community really has gone AWOL, hasn’t it? I find myself with only just enough time to read through a handful of posts each day before I need to get to class & work for the day, but now there aren’t even many posts on the line to fill the time. Good to hear from you guys; here’s hoping the others are just thoroughly engrossed in the game.

    Anyhow, I know that I’m presently out of a guild – too slow for where I was. So, hmm, there’s this Templar that needs to be made. Maybe I should think about doing that sometime. Over on Lumiel, perhaps. Just a thought.

    PS: The emoticon at the bottom of the screen makes me giggle.

  2. Middea said,

    The truth is, I’m more of an endgame oriented person, and I’m not really trying to research or look too much ahead during the leveling process. I’m enjoying the discovery of new things as I level 😉

    Don’t really have much to say about leveling though, and when I do have something to say, it comes off all guide-y sounding, which is definitely not something I like to write or want us to become known for heh. We are not guide writers at all. heh

  3. Hoschi said,

    I find the levelling to be quite a grind, and sometimes the only thing that makes me carry on with grinding is the knowledge that once i’ve reached 50 it’s over. Sort of…

    I fully understand your spending of the AP’s. I’m a lvl38, r5 Cleric (Elyos though) and yes, it’s like a huge blinking neon sign with a large arrow pointing on you.

    Yesterday while doing Fragment of Memory II, i had a Templar, then a Sorcerer and then a Ranger try their luck. None succeeded, but they tried it anyway.

    The levelling is a grind, but i only have to do it once. I’m probably never going to roll another character, or if, then i’d have to be really bored 🙂 As for your other questions, Extract Aether and Vitality 399, Armorsmithing 399 (working on the 2nd proc craft of the Expert quest), Alchemy 266, and unlocked all morph designs i could get my hands on 🙂
    .-= Hoschi´s last blog ..+1 for Rifting =-.

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