1. Undeadpriest said,

    Yea I have noticed it to be a lot like Steam (although not as pretty) and the Sony Launcher. I think the idea is great if you have multiple games but just for the one yea it is pretty crappy, of course WoW does have a launcher as well (I never disabled it). I have found it annoying when you try and connect to a server and you are unable to, how it boots you out of the game entirely and not just to the server select screen. Also, how by default they load AionOnline.com every time you exit. Why would that be the default behavior?

    As far as the game goes I am liking it currently I have a 14 Cleric and a 13 Gladiator and I like them both, although I could use more diversity in the clerics attacks. Spamming smite while waiting for cool downs = sleepy time. Although I am only lvl 14 and have not done any serious grouping.

  2. Paul said,

    So if Aion drops patch at 3 AM, will it automatically download instead of logging on after work and having to wait for the patch download (and wait for the queue)?

  3. Theladas said,

    The log in/quit paradigm is crap, I agree. I don’t have a problem with a launcher in and of itself: it’s a nice, modular component to the system. It’s never cleaned up, though – a proper launcher would end its process as soon as whatever it is supposed to launch launches. Aion’s launcher doesn’t behave in this way, though; it persists through multiple launches of the same entity, likely because of the log in/quit paradigm.

    log in/quit paradigm = once you log into a system, the only way out is to quit and restart the system.

    by contrast, log in/log out paradigm = once you log into a system, you can freely log out (and log in with another access key) without restarting the system.

    Why NCSoft is using the archaic log in/quit paradigm, I have no idea – it makes me a little sad inside. My best-guess is that the launcher has persisted for many years, so redesigning it now feels like unnecessary work (the paradigm works, however clunkily). Plus, there’s the advertising aspect: every time you log in, the other MMO names they offer all appear before you eyes. I’m sure some people stop and think “Hmm, I wonder what L2 is really like?”

    @ Paul: no, the launcher is a static process. That is, once it connects to the server, it checks the local game version against the server-side version and updates as necessary. After the initial update check, the process is idle until a user tries to connect to a given game’s servers. When that connection is opened, a second, one-time version comparison is made and updates follow accordingly. Thus, there’s no dynamic internal design that checks the servers for updates every hour, say. That would be some cool functionality to add, though.

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