September 21, 2009

Head Start Update

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In case anyone was interested…

I’ve been in game… A lot to say the least. Four hours of sleep >.> Not by design, work going on in the house and it’s going on “very loudly with much banging and drilling.” Not exactly conducive to sleep. Which leads to the next part, I fear I’ll be joining the dreaded queue, power is going off for an hour or so while they work on rewiring.

What have I been up to? Well from levels 1-6 I played with a friend (irl!) and we quested a bit and tried to get ahead of the pack, then he had to go eat pizza, rough life. I pushed on doing mainly only the campaign quests and gathering every single plant I could find. Ascended, chose Cleric, and slowed down, worked on extracting Aether, leveling up Armorsmithing, and just generally goofing off for a bit to let the crowd pass me a bit. Currently level 16, 86 gathering, 57 aether extraction, and 61 armorsmithing.

I’m forcing myself to stop and sniff the roses, enjoy the process. Every time I start pushing myself to level faster, I literally have to tell myself to slow down. It does seem to help. At this time I’m about 7 level behind the highest level Asmodian (Calix, a 23 SM and no level 22’s on either).

Aether Extraction Hint: Find a spawn location for your skill level with a nearby safe landing zone. Gather the spawn completely, land, switch to the next channel. Rinse repeat. With the 3 minute cooldown on channel switching and the time it takes to regain your full wing flight time, it’s a pretty golden method, assuming someone else isn’t camping that same spot.

Crafting hint:
This may seem a bit silly, but do Work Order 1p over and over, until it isn’t in the options to do it anymore. Why? It is the only free skill ups you will get, and it gives you free mats/designs that will last you until you hit around 100 skill level. So skill level 1-50 do Work Order 1p.

Why do you want to level up gathering, crafting, and aether extraction skills? Well, they give you exp. Free experience to gather/make things you will do in the long run… Plus it will help you keep up with the expected leveling process. If you don’t gather you might find yourself running out of quests. And later on there are many more “Go gather x items!” and then if you aren’t up to the appropriate level you’ll be kicking yourself!

And the queue… the lovely queue. Before you curse at it, ask yourself, would you rather play in a stable environment or play in a lagtastic one? I’d rather be sitting in a queue for a pretty accurately estimated queue than be lagging/dying in game personally. Massively also posted a survival guide for the queue, my choice for passing the time is MindJolt games on Facebook or chasing the dogs around the house.

Kudos to NcSoft for a brilliant head start launch, spiffy new forums and keeping servers/factions all relatively balanced. I love that they share that information with us rather than us having to speculate. And don’t forget, “real” launch is tomorrow, might be a bit crowded in the beginning zones again.

All in all, I’m having a blast! Nothing is feeling grindy to me yet, players are being courteous for the most part (some channels actually formed a line to queue up for their turn at Cute Ribbit), and it is amazingly lag free.

Only negatives I have at this point are that we are missing several key emotes (sigh, hug, giggle, etc), crafting really does take a long time and is quite expensive (though that should sort out the dedicated)… Nothing game breaking woot.

How is your Head Start experience? Having fun? Any memorable moments so far? What do you do to pass the time in queue?



  1. Borgio said,

    Headstart is amazingly good for a launch, the only bad thing ive experienced so far is the “Node Ninjas” those guys who see you are harvesting something but will run up and steal the next harvest from you… Not cool!

  2. Paul said,

    Node Ninjas, good term. I change to another channel to try to avoid the crowds when gathering. Still having a graphics issue with chain mail armor not being displayed. Basically, my character’s chest is missing. I posted it ion the tech forums.

  3. Paul said,

    “on” the tech forums.

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