1. Maeve said,

    That was a wonderfully helpful post! Thank you so much for taking the time to post it as it cleared up some questions I had about pre-selection!

  2. Middea said,

    Updated with links to the Open Beta Letter and Open Beta Patch Notes…

    Sad thing is, I’m most excited about spending a few hours playing with sliders to figure how my character is going to look… 40 new default faces… ohh la la! 🙂

  3. shawnp said,

    Are the pre-order and Collector’s Edition items only temporary?

  4. Middea said,

    Trying to find the official version saying it, but no, they aren’t temporary. You keep them until you delete your character, and you get them for all characters created on that account.

  5. Middea said,

    Oh and as for * Lodas’ Amulet (gives a +20% experience boost for 1 hour), I think that is only a one time charge, in that once the hour boost is used up, it doesn’t recharge.

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