August 30, 2009

Asmodians vs. Elyos

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Now, I am not really a lore person, and I already have picked my faction, but I like to choose a faction based on the lore of a game. Why? Because I like to know that I am fighting for a team in which I feel has the right of it, the basic overlaying foundation on which I can fight for the ideals and believe I am right.

I think Aion does this beautifully, each team can be seen as the right team. Each side has a perspective on the history that demonstrates why they should be the faction that lives. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

First, a brief history lesson to watch:

Alright, so now you have the basics of the lore of Atreia/Aion. You can also read more detailed accounts from The Book of the Asmodians and The Book of the Elyos. Another article dissecting the differences can be found at TenTon Hammer.

Now what the video does not cover with enough detail… The two halves of the Tower of Eternity, Tower of Light (Elyos) and Tower of Darkness (Asmodian), are leeching the strength of the other, and as such each side fights to kill the opposing Tower and those fighting to preserve it.

Why not just kill one Tower and let everyone live on one half of the world?

Basically, this isn’t an option because without the Tower, the land supported by that Tower will perish and die. So why not just migrate the people of a Tower to the other half of the world and then destroy it? Basically, the enmity between the two factions is so deeply rooted and seated within each that there really is no hope for reconciliation, any chance of this having been an option has been destroyed and there are fresh wounds to obliterate that option.

Perception is everything. The acts of one person do not dictate the philosophy/behaviors of everyone. Yet both the Elyos and Asmodians judge the others by the actions of those in the past. Elyos believe all Asmodians to be bloodthirsty monsters, Asmodians believe Elyos to be pacifist wimps.

Elyos justify their prosperity of land and climate to the favor of Aion and point to Asmodians harsh environments and climates as disfavor. Asmodians believe that Aion gave them such hardships to test their mettle and believe Aion has been overly kind to the Elyos out of pity, not favor.

The fact is, the matter is not black and white. Neither side has it wholly right and neither side is willing and/or able to admit they may be wrong. Too much time has passed to heal the wounds of either faction. They will fight to the death to eliminate the other.

If you wish to choose a faction based solely on game play/looks, that is also a viable method. Perhaps that combined with some lore/history will be your deciding factor.

Asmodian – darker, more harsh environment. This side of Atreia does not have sunlight so there aren’t many green places, though some plants have adjusted to this and still survive.

Elyos – warmer color palette. You’ll find beautiful sandy beaches, luscious forests, overall a more green and pretty landscape.


For a visual, these are the level 50 (max level) wings for each race.
Asmodian wings

Elyos wings

Keep in mind that DP (Divine Power) skills, titles and Stigma Stones also vary by the race you choose.

Which race will you be playing? What contributed the most to your decision?



  1. Miulik said,

    I will be Asmodians, for only one reason. My real life friends are. In fact, Aion looks like nothing special at all to me. I just follow my friends to whatever game they want to play and healbot for them.

    If I were playing this by myself, I would be Elyos. I hate being the evil team because it is the zerg in almost every game. I prefer to fight for the underdog. Also, the evil team tends to attract those who feel they are ‘badasses’ and want everyone to know it. The good team tends towards casual players who want to spend a few fun hours every week, and the hardcore fight-the-power megaguilds. Neither appeals to me, but beats the alternative, doesn’t it?

    Lore is important to me, but that is just to shape my attitude ingame. How I view my character and surroundings.

  2. Kevin said,

    I am lucky this time – for ONCE in my MMO career, my RL friends (and myself) have all agreed on the same faction – Elyos. I LOVE the anime feel, the running/combat animations, the art, and the twilight color palette that the Asmodians have, but I simply connect with the Elyos. The Elyos appear graceful like Angels… remind me very much so of Tyrael from Diablo II, although I realize they are not angels by any means.. I simply connect with it better. Also, I like the wings a lot better on the Elyos. The one thing I don’t care for too much is the way they run, but I adjust to it. The environment is prettier and more along my idea of a fantasy world. I think more like the Elyos, although I must admit they are no more “right” than the Asmodians are.

  3. Theladas said,

    It’ll be Asmodian for my Chanter. I’m sad to lose out on the level-50 Shield Stigma of the Elyos, but I’ll overcome that mild setback: the Asmodians simply play out better for me.

    For a start, the feel of the Asmodian environment has a certain ruggedness to it. The world doesn’t feel ethereal and better-than-life under the Tower of Darkness: there’s cracked buildings, scrappy settlements, and ancient ruins everywhere. The decay isn’t the prettiest thing ever, but it’s got a grounding feel to it. Plus, it makes highlights of the environment, like gigantic natural waterfalls, so much cooler to come across.

    Then, it’s a matter of approach. Elyos accept their fortune as the grace of a higher power, and assume that they are entitled to everything. Asmodians take nothing for granted, and struggle uphill to acquire their rightful place in the world. Aside from the cliché of struggle building character, I prefer to support those who work for their place, rather than those who acquire it by right. Assuming that one side is more favored than another leads to arrogance, and that’s a dangerous path to walk (Asmodians have a lot of arrogance, too; they aren’t blameless creatures by any stretch).

    Anyhow, philosophy aside, I hope to hear more from you guys! I’m gonna go back to being addicted to puzzles now.

  4. Middea said,

    Until you mentioned those things Theladas, I did not even realize how much of that was underlying my choice for Asmodians as well lol. Go figure. Very eloquently put!

  5. Laurlu said,

    I’ll be Elyos because of my favorite guys in anime, Rolan (Marchen Awaken Romance) he is an angel on the knight of the zodiac and Shinobu Sensui( Yu-Yu Hakusho) He is an Angel who was looking for a challenge to fight on the remaining time he had to live.

  6. Martin said,

    Deffinately Asmodian for me. I do like both factions, however, to me, Elyos seem like the favored child with the luscious landscapes, and prosperity from their land. While the Asmodians are the hard working race, earning everything rather than it being given to them, as someone pointed out earlier. Also, since I usually am a miner / blacksmither in rpg’s, I tend to admire the harsh enviroment more, seeings how that is what I’m used to. Going into harsh places that others don’t dare enter to do the dirty work, only to return with hard earned goods which others who seem to be more better off buy at whatever price I deem necessary for my work. To be honest, that choice was also factored by my liking to mine/smith, but it does seem to fit the scene that the Asmodians have been put in. Which clearly, to me at least, portrays the Asmodians as the much stronger, tougher race rather than the easy going life of the Elyos.

  7. keegan said,

    im rollin asmodian. why cause the elyos looked to happy and carefree plus i love the snowy and dark landscape of the asmos. i was originally gonna pick elyos but after getting to lvl 12 with my ranger i deleted him and switched asmos just look more like fighters to me.

  8. 12312 said,

    nuff said with both races. elyos are the angels and asmodians are the devils. both wants to live and kill the other race. simple story of good vs. evil type of races. 🙂

  9. Siel said,

    I play as Asmo because they have better story. I think Elyos have nothing to fight for, because they have beautiful land and sunlight. Also Elyos became arrogant. Only one thing I dont like on Asmo faction – I cant go to the Sanctum and some other beautiful places I want to see.

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