August 7, 2009

Cleric vs. Chanter, Which Should I Be?

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Coming from WoW as a priest, I’m finding the easiest way to compare a cleric and a chanter in play styles is to compare them to discipline and holy priests prior to the conversion of +healing and +spell damage to +spell power. This does not mean that you should expect to play either in Aion, I mean, could you imagine someone seriously trying to melee as a discipline priest? Eeps!

A Discipline Priest can heal effectively by preventing a ton of damage done to them and group members. They maintain the ability to level solo with next to no downtime or long waits to kill mobs due to built in mana conservation talents. In the same way, a Chanter has mantras that prevent damage that needs to be healed.

A Chanter’s strength is that they are a strong hybrid — they can heal, dps, and buff. As a Chanter you will be in melee range smacking the mobs, keeping up your mantras, and single target healing as needed. The Chanters main options for healing are a strong hot (that overwrites a Cleric’s hots) and a single target cast heal. A Chanter also buffs the groups stats which in turn increases the groups dps and defenses. Mostly in a group setting the Chanter will be contributing to the group dps, and occasionally throwing out a heal or two.

A Holy Priest is not as strong solo because their shields aren’t buffed and does not hit back. The Cleric has nice survivability when solo’ing but still requires a break between mobs while a Chanter can go from mob to mob.

Both the holy priest and Cleric’s strength is in their versatility in heals. Clerics have single-target heals, group heals, instant heals, battle resurrections, a self resurrection, and hots. As a Cleric your first and main priority will be to heal. While in a group, expect to be standing still and healing constantly, your dps isn’t significant enough to waste your MP on, though throwing in a stun or root might still be something to watch for.

In instances and PVP both appear that they will hold their own. Keep in mind when picking how you play; do you solo a lot, pvp, instance, farm, etc. If you prefer standing in the back and having a wide array of choices to heal with-including AoE heals, go Cleric. If you prefer to be in the middle of the action, with mantras and other such preventative measures to require less reactionary heals, go Chanter.

Pick which one fits YOUR play style best. Both will be used in all aspects of the game as they each offer something different. Your effectiveness and enjoyment are tied to how much you enjoy playing your class, so keep that in mind when choosing!

Personally, I’m a healbot and I love a variety of choices to heal with. I’m going Cleric. Rawr!

Are you rolling a priest? If so, Chanter or Cleric? Why?

If you’re torn between Rangers and Sorcerers, check out Weekly Ranger’s article here.



  1. Nithe Gamer said,

    Another thing to note is that with the current design. A group doesn’t need more then one chanter. Something to keep in mind. Thanks for the link.

  2. Middea said,

    Yeah, but meh. Figure equate it to Disc.. You don’t need more than 1 disc priest, but they still can earn a spot and carry their own weight.

  3. Anikka said,

    It’s really up to what do you prefer; as a Chanter you can guarentee 90% you will playing your support role – which is TO HEAL. So, if your already doing that and have a guilld-leveling group; it’d just be more beneficially in the long run to go Cleric.

    Compared to a pure dps class, chanters come short. And if you don’t believe it pick up a Sorc in CB6 – its’ just too effortless… But if you can make it work then do what *your* heart desires.

  4. Hoschi said,

    Well, you need both. While i prefer the Cleric – healbot ftw – you also need the Buffs and Debuffs the Chanter throws into the Mix.

    Increased Movement and Mana recharge rate and all that, is a mandatory thing. While the Chanter basically only has a single heal spell, my group’s chanter was keeping an eye on me, in case i got spiked.

    If you’re happy staying back and doing all the work in the background, usually unnoticed and uncommented, then go Cleric. Some good teams will say ‘thx’ if you keep them alive, most ppl tend to not even notice. If you want to see a bit more direct action, go Chanter 🙂

  5. Nev said,

    Anikka’s post can be disregarded. Anyone who thinks the Chanters’ support role is strictly “to heal” should not be offering advice.

  6. Fedoldinn said,

    Well, I guess that depends on how you read Anikka’s reply. I read it as “if you are a chanter in a group setting without a cleric, you will most likely be healing the majority of your time”.

    That statement is probably true, and you can probably do a fairly decent job of it, but may have issues compared to a cleric. However, if you have a healer in your group, the chanter brings other valuable additions to the group when you’re not healing.

    It’s a support role either way, but in my opinion, it’s an interesting mix. Maybe not a hybrid in the normal debate from other games (enter WoW), but a hybrid nonetheless in terms of playing dual roles and having flexibility.

    Anyway, just some food for thought…

  7. Toque said,

    *sigh* man!

    Just when I thought I’d finally decided between Chanter and Cleric, I read this amazing article and now I can’t decide again!

    I’ve been waffling back and forth between whether to go Chanter or Cleric for so long now… without having had a chance to play in the betas. I’m finally going to get into OB at the end of the week to give them a try, but up until now I’ve been reading articles and I *thought* I was pretty solid on Cleric. I was the main healer in my groups in WoW and I enjoy standing back and ensuring the group stays alive. However, I was a Druid healer, so I was a hybrid that could survive solo very well and I did solo a lot. So then I was thinking I should go Chanter for survivability. I just can’t decide! I played a Priest in WoW, too, so I appreciated the analogies with Disc and Holy Priest to the Aion classes.

    How is the Cleric solo? I know Clerics won’t have the DPS output that a Chanter would have, but now that I’ve got all of this good info in my head I’m still waffling. Can they hold their own? I know I won’t be in groups ALL the time, so I’m curious as to whether a Cleric will be able to hold their own solo sometimes. I hope to have time to level one of each a bit in the OB to make my final decision, but I guess in the end I could always just roll one of each, right? One as my main, and one as an alt. Ha 🙂 Thanks for such a great, informative article. Even if it does make me rethink my plans a bit 😉

  8. […] to be a healbot or a hybrid?  Yesterday I was positive I was going to be a Cleric. Then I read this article. Now I’m back at square […]

  9. Middea said,

    Heheh, sorry to make it more difficult for you. I’m a bit like that myself. At heart, I want to be the heal bot… But it is a pvp world and I don’t want to be unable to hold my own… But in PvP the size of the group matters too so maybe I don’t want to be in on the action. I also like that I can’t decide easily, means they did a good job creating two separate identities 😉

    As for solo, a cleric can solo. I was playing most of the closed betas solo. Now, I hate hate hate solo’ing in every game I play, so my opinion may be a bit biased. It wasn’t that hard to kill mobs alone, just… a bit tedious. But I read up more on others and they were all complaining of the same thing so… Guess the grass is greener on the other side?

    Someone in the legion during closed betas was playing a chanter and bragging about how he never had any downtime and he could 2 man elites etc etc. While I was chugging along, killing a mob, hitting my , (comma for resting to regain MP) waiting while it filled up, standing up, killing another mob, rinse repeat.

    I didn’t die much on my own. Pretty much only when there was a lag spike actually, or I pulled too many mobs that were 2+ levels on me. I imagine it will be even easier when I get higher and that instant heal is learned. 🙂

  10. Middea said,

    21 was definitely rough, but 22 more than makes up for it as a cleric. Loving the new pew pew spells. Beta was a bit rough because I think that I forgot to change the spells …. Smite I < Smite II. /facepalm

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