August 4, 2009

Power Shards?

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A common question from people playing in the closed beta for the first time this weekend was “What are power shards?” The tooltip on them is not very helpful in answering the question.

The very first power shard one stumbles on is the:

Minor Power Shard
Available for Level 1 or higher
A monster’s soul was sealed within this stone. Using this stone increases the weapon damage by 10 points.

The highest level one increases weapon damage by 35 points.


However, when you right click the shards, it only places them into the smaller box next to your weapon and does not activate them.

In order to activate the power shards you need to press the “B” key (by default). Each individual hit with that weapon will do additional damage based on the type of power shard being used. Each hit also will consume a shard, so they get used up quickly.


While the damage increase is not anything to write home about, it is an increase in damage. They drop from mobs often enough that using them situationally might be in your best interest.


Anyone who melees should be sure to have them equipped for those “oh shit” moments. If you are a dual wielder, you can place shards in each weapon. If you wield a 2 hander, you cannot use shards in both slots to double buff your weapon. Power shards only work for melee attacks, including shield attacks.


You can buy power shards from General Goods vendors in stacks of 50 or you can loot them off of mobs.


Being able to activate and deactivate the power shards by pressing “B” you can choose when you want to use them. You can therefore choose to only activate them in life and death situations or use them all the time. You can hoard them to save for pvp battles or what ever you choose.

Did this help you any? Still unsure of something regarding Power Shards?



  1. Nithe Gamer said,

    It took me a while to figure the power shards out. Thanks for the write up.

  2. Middea said,

    Apparently the double buffing of a 2 hander doesn’t work… But it does work on shield attacks! 🙂 *updates*

  3. koi said,

    You can also use em on bows…

  4. DragonFlykm said,

    This is the same concept at soulshor in Lineage 2. But in this game I think it will be much better, cause in Lineage 2 you basically HAD to use it.

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