July 23, 2009

Middea's WoW Obituary

Posted in Rant, WoW tagged at 1:03 pm by Middea

Distinguished holy turned shadow priest for the Bloodhoof server, wowquit last night due to lack of interest in the future of WoW. She was 169 days /played. Gutter-minded and obsessive, Middea never looked the part of one who would give up on WoW. But, in the final days of her life, she revealed an unknown side of herself. Rather than re-roll to perform at the levels of other caster dps or re-embrace her role as a healer, Middea has given up the grind. Sadly, her home in Mental Atrophy was no longer as they retired from raiding, and after a brief stint of trying to make a new home or join one already established, she realized that neither could replace her home in Mental Atrophy or reignite the spark of desire to play WoW.

Yet even in certain defeat, the courageous Middea secretly clung to the belief that mmo gaming is not merely a series of nerfs aimed at placating the casuals or that epics ought to be handed out like candy. Uh-uh. But rather, it’s a tapestry of moments and people that culminate in an exquisite, sublime experience. Without her home, Blizzard’s newfound ways of selling out/homogenization, and lack of acknowledgment of scaling problems related to priests, things were clear to Middea. Ultimately Middea concluded that if she were to lower her expectations of the game to live in harmony with the universe, she very well may enjoy the game more, but decided against such a course of action.

TLDR: Middea /wowquit.



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  3. Fedoldinn said,

    208 days /played on Fedoldinn, mostly during TBC, 40 or so during WotLK…


    Love the post and can’t wait for something new!

  4. Middea said,

    Just stumbled across this article, fleshes out a lot of the same reasonings as to why I left WoW… I also was introduced to Aion by a friend, same precursory glance and meh, just pretty, then told by friend to check it out more. Friend even got me a beta key to see what was what. Om nom nom!

  5. Belgarath said,

    Where’s the Grievance shout out? Lols I say!

  6. Belgarath said,

    I remember the first time Spherion told me about Aion, I said “LOLS KOREAN MMO”, and look at me now. PATHETIC! -Slaps self-

  7. Belgarath said,

    Wtf is this silly ass avatar beside my shat. Why I outta…

  8. Middea said,

    Hey you’re the one that didn’t pick a gravatar! If you don’t have one it creates a generic one for you 🙂 Blank icon is too boring

  9. Belgarath said,

    I object! Brb, throwing monitor at this default avatar.

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