July 6, 2009

Is WoW fun anymore?

Posted in Legion, Rant, WoW tagged at 4:46 pm by Middea

Do you even like playing World of Warcraft anymore? Step back and evaluate.

Do you log in with the zeal, that “wee, it’s time to go kill something and get something new and shiny” mentality that you used to? Do you log in wondering what will happen next? Do you spend the majority of your time trying to find a way to clear a raid more efficiently and still tackle the harder modes in order to improve your guild?

Personally, it’s all a grind these days. Recruiting players to raid even in a 10 man setting is difficult. When I get in, it’s the same old bosses the same old way. And what do I have to look forward too? The same instance with two different settings? Yay? Just what I want to do, raid like we can our 5 man dungeons. Boring!

And why keep raiding now? To get more badges that will be obsolete in the next patch? Perhaps obtain gear that has eluded my grasp so far? WoW is getting to be just too repetitive; the grind is not even fun anymore. Before, I could raid, say Black Temple, for months and although it might have gotten a little wearing, at least it was fun to raid it with my guild. Healing had some challenges and tested different skill sets, from mana conservation to balls to the wall spam healing, while even adding in mobility to the mix while healing. It had a bit of everything. Now I dps because healing was too easy and boring, and it’s still not fun. It’s the same old every night, and boss names are just about the only thing that are different.

I spent this weekend away from the computer and internet, I did not even carry along my phone. Probably the only thing technologically inclined that we used was a GPS system in the car, and that was just being used as backup as we already knew the route to go.

It was a nice, and much needed break. No Google Reader to keep up with, no patch notes to sigh at, no disappointing shadow priest Q&A to wonder why on Earth Blizzard thinks we scale well.

And when I got home, the first thing I did was not log into WoW, but to rush to get online for the Aion Beta weekend. Learning the quirks of a new game and what combinations are best for my new little cleric made it all the clearer to me that WoW is not the game it once was, and I am only logging in to keep up with friends in WoW and fulfill an obligation to our new guild.

WoW is just not that fun for me, and it’s not directly tied to any one thing I have issues with, but the overall picture. It is a mundane grind that lets me chat with folks I have grown close to in this virtual world. I’m treating World of Warcraft as my new Virtual Places. It’s a pretty interface that I can navigate while keeping in touch with folks while feeling a small bit of achievement.



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