June 24, 2009


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For quite awhile, I’ve known of Auctioneer. I think I even once installed it and tried fiddling around with it and realized I just did not want to mess around and figure it out, curse of the lazy. A couple of months ago, I found just how useful Auctioneer is and why everyone should be using it, or at least something like it.

First things first, hopefully you have a bank toon, a little level whatever toon that has been abandoned or a new toon that is level 1 and pimped out in a banking outfit, either way, the basics:

  1. 4 bags, leftover non-binding bags or make/buy new ones.
  2. Set up a bank: I recommend a Guild charter, the first bank tab is 100g and has 98 slots. If, however, you prefer to purchase all bank tabs of a personal bank, it is 111.10g and that’s prior to buying bags to use in each slot. Although equipping 16 slot bags in each personal bank slot is 112 slots.
  3. Get alt to a major city, preferably one that has a short run from bank to auction house, as alliance I prefer Stormwind/Ironforge and as horde I prefer Orgrimmar.
  4. Enable Auctioneer only on this alt. It does eat up quite a bit of space.
  5. Log in, go to an Auctioneer, type in /say: /auc getall

Now, it is tempting to start playing around with Auctioneer and you might be tempted to start using it to buy things at this time, resist the urge. You want to get a good sound data collection going. What might look like a deal to Auctioneer isn’t necessarily a good deal quite yet, as there is not much information to compare to at this time.

For now, you want to log in your alt once or twice a day, I log in once when I first start up wow, do a quick scan, go to my main, and when logging off for the night, I hop on the alt and do a quick scan. Note: you can only do /auc getall once an hour, other than that you will need to hit the Scan button, this is a difference of the scan taking less than 5 minutes to a 15 minute plus scan.

Vendor Search

It is safe at any time to search for items people have listed that sell for less than what it is worth to vendor the item. Screenshot is labeled appropriately:

A. Right click the magnifying glass or open the SearchUI
B. Select Vendor
C. Search

Now, you should have something that looks like this:

You want to click on the Reason tab, and where they say Vendor:buy, highlight them and select Buyout at the bottom. Don’t hesitate, just do it.

Vendor:bid is a bit more tricky, you can mass bid them all or you can sort by Left and try just bidding on the ones you think you will win, I find it easier to just mass bid on them all and collect any Outbid spam from mailbox later. (Shift clicking mail auto opens your mail and collects the money). Or getting a mod like Postal that will open/loot all your mail items.

Any items you win on this search feature are free money, the profit column tells you how much of a profit it is, sometimes it’s as low as a few copper, sometimes you make it up to 1g.

After a few weeks or perhaps even right away if you know the market, you can use the Snatch searcher, it is right above the Vendor searcher.

To Set up the Snatch List:
You are now going to search the auction house for each item you want to add to your snatch list and send yourself a whisper linking each item.
Once you have each item or have maxed out links, send yourself the tell.

1. Again you will open the SearchUI by right clicking the magnifying glass.
2. Left click Searchers to expand the list, select Snatch.
3. Click on the link of an item from the tell, and put the value you are at the highest willing to pay for that item
4. Add Item.

Using the Snatch List

Once they are all added to the list, on left side there is a Search Button, this is the button you use, so click it, and it scans the auction house for any items on the Snatch list that are at your price points.

Sort them by Reason. The bid and buyout are set by your price points, so buyout means it is safe to buyout this item as it is under what you determined to be the highest you would pay for it.
Pct = how far below your snatch list price point an item is, so 90% isn’t as good of a deal as 25%. Example, You have frost lotus as 15g, an item at 90% will be like 14g or whatever, while a 25% is like a 3g item.

Selling items
With Auctioneer, the best part is the posting auctions part. I find that selling enchanting materials, as well as other things, sell better individually, and for a higher profit margin.

First, drag the items you wish to post up top in the box, prices will automatically fill in.
If you are splitting items individually, in the Stacks: split it up, first box is the number of stacks you want, second is how many items in each stack you want.
Since I’m posting 11 individual stacks, I’m using 11×1.
Now I’m looking at the prices Auctioneer gave me, 97 bid, 1.21g buyout. Comparing that to the listings on the right, I don’t really like that, I want to list higher as most individual stacks are listed for 2.1g bid/buyout. So, I’m going to change the price to probably 2.08g bid/buyout. So on the bottom left, I hit Create Auction.

*Make sure you have ONE bag slot free in your bags so that Auctioneer can split the items and you do not get x many error messages.*

Now, if you are selling individually, do not use undercut competitors as that will undercut the stacks that are full too, not much profit there.

After you have been scanning the auction house for a while, you can begin to trust the hover over item tooltips:

This gives you the break down of what the item typically sells for. When it says Undercut: Cannot Undercut, that means there is not much of a market, according to Auctioneer, for the item, and you might be best off waiting for it to go back up in price. Yellow Cannot Undercut is market price is about the same as normal, Vendor this item means there is zero competition and it’s not even worth a deposit price to try selling the item, you can either wait it out or vendor the item.

Tips and tricks
While leveling, questing, grinding, farming, do use your bank alt to send all the stuff you gather that might be worth something to others.

  • Do know what items are worth, I find Relics of Ulduar to be worth less than 2g a piece during the week but can sell them for nearly double on weekends *keep in mind each servers economy is different so do not take that item and that selling price to necessarily be great for your server!*
  • Don’t forget to keep an eye on your snatch lists, if your Buy Each column is higher than the App. Value column, the market has changed and items are selling on average less than what you currently are snatching items for.
  • Do use your bank toon to sell all items.

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